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26th of March 2017 08:19 AM Link
A big thank you to Dominique Nash & FIVE By Afrique For Fashion for their kind donation to PAMS Foundation. Its great to get local support. Here's to turning the tide on elephant poaching in Tanzania and big high FIVE from the elephants in Tanzania.
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22nd of March 2017 05:23 PM Link
ETHIOPIA- Steven and Max in action at Babile Elephant Park
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16th of March 2017 05:12 PM Link
Happy scouts following successfully completed a 30 days Basic Tactical Anti-Poaching training course, conducted by PAMS Foundation
14th of March 2017 08:56 AM Link
Its great to see/read that the world is finally recognising the great work Tanzania is doing to address the elephant poaching crisis. Go Tanzania!
13th of March 2017 10:24 PM Link
BASIC TACTICAL ANTI-POACHING TRAINING, NORTHERN TANZANIA - Congratulations to the 29 scouts who graduated yesterday. May you put you new skills to good use and help protect Tanzania's amazing wildlife and natural resources. Big thanks to he instructors, the PAMS teams, the catering team, and to Wildcat Foundation and USAID PROTECT project for funding the training.
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13th of March 2017 08:44 AM Link
DAR ES SALAAM - Big rains in Dar es Salaam today. Our office looks like a lake.
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12th of March 2017 04:31 AM Link
LIVING IN HARMONY WITH NATURE - Yesterday, PAMS Foundation did two trips to Tarangire National Park, with pupils from Mbugwe Secondary School, as part of our Living in Harmony with Nature Education Syllabus. A great day was had by all, including seeing 4 cheetah and many other cool creatures.
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12th of March 2017 04:11 AM Link
12th of March 2017 04:06 AM Link
BASIC TACTICAL ANTI-POACHING TRAINING COURSE, NORTHERN TANZANIA - Morning PT with Village Game Scouts from Makao, Mlele and Mbomipa WMA
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11th of March 2017 06:16 PM Link
Check the awesome Chameleon that came to visit the Ruvuma Team camp
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