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20th of September 2017 11:14 AM Link
Team time walking down a river in Southern Tanzania! Such an awesome crew we have working for PAMS Foundation. Tupo pamoja!
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19th of September 2017 09:08 AM Link
"Usilime ndani ya hifadhi. Okoa mazingira yetu."

"Don't cultivate in our protected areas. Save our environment."

Working to provide a peaceful environment for humans and wildlife! Let's save our environments together.
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19th of September 2017 02:50 AM Link
- a suspected poacher arrested with two firearms and ammunition. The arrest was made possible thanks to the good collaboration between Village Game Scouts, KDU and PAMS
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19th of September 2017 01:23 AM Link
17th of September 2017 09:28 PM Link
15th of September 2017 11:30 PM Link
25 YEAR PRISON SENTENCE - The Manyoni District Court has sentenced Saganda Kasanzu to serve 25 years in prison with a fine of $440 000 for possession of government trophies (ivory) and for unlawful dealing in government. Congratulations to the State Attorneys, Director of Public Prosecution, National Task Force Anti-Poaching and PAMS Foundation.
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15th of September 2017 06:47 AM Link
Discussing "Our Elephant Neighbors" with the Nkaiti Secondary School students! 🐘
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14th of September 2017 01:30 PM Link
Half the battle is getting there! A bit bumpy.
13th of September 2017 06:43 AM Link
ARUSHA MEMORIAL SERVICE will take place on Wednesday, September 27, 2017 at the Dorobo Campsite in Olasiti from 4-6PM. Please come to help celebrate the life of Wayne Derek Lotter, our hero and friend.

We look forward to gathering together to share memories and stories of Wayne's amazing life.

The PAMS Team
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10th of September 2017 05:02 PM Link
NGORONGORO CONSERVATION AREA AUTHORITY PARTNERSHIP - PAMS Foundation is supporting various aspects of Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authorities work. These photos show us handing over two vehicles to NCAA for Elephant Monitoring and for their Rapid Response Team. Sadly, these were the last photos taken of Wayne Lotter, who was killed a few hours later. None the less, we look forward to our ongoing partnership with NCAA.
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