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3 weeks ago

Sunflower season in Tanzania 🇹🇿 PAMS Foundation aims to help support communities though environmental and wildlife conservation education. We believe it is possible to live in harmony with nature!

3 weeks ago

'Until you dig a hole, you plant a tree, you water it and you make it survive, you haven't done a thing. You are just talking' Wangari Maathai

3 weeks ago

Ivory belongs on elephants 🐘

3 weeks ago
Amber fossils provide oldest evidence of frogs in wet, tropical forests

Extemporary curiosities about animals

An incredible 'frog's memory' of 99 million years.
Trapped in an amber drop, a small frog tells to scientists something new about the history of amphibians, how the forests of the far past were populated, bringing many new questions about evolution...

99-million-year-old amber fossils from Myanmar provide the earliest evidence of frogs in wet, tropical forests.

3 weeks ago
Where Female Elephants Without Tusks Roam — and Poachers Stay Away

As the 'unnatural selection' of poaching is changing the physiognomy of the elephants...

South Africa’s Addo elephant park has few females with tusks, a trait that has died off because of hunting but also keeps poachers away.

4 weeks ago
Green Humour

Sometimes a smile thinking about conservation 🙂

Cartoons and illustrations on wild animals; wildlife, environment and nature conservation. (For publishing, mail me at

1 month ago
PAMS Foundation - Ruvuma Project

Chili is a very powerful spice, not only in your food but also... for elephants. Do you know what a chili fence is? It is an effective and easy solution to mitigate human-elephant conflict and helps to faciliate the coexistence between men and wildlife. How? Check out this video, this is the story ... See more

1 month ago

On the training field with our amazing dog project! Spectacular work being accomplished. Great job to the handlers and the pups!

1 month ago

Abdallah in action. He never stops. He is based out of our Ngorongoro office an helps maintain cars for rhino and elephant protection

1 month ago
World’s largest amphibian heading for extinction

One of the most extraordinary and surprising animals that, in a distant part of the world, is heading towards extinction. And, once again, because of man's insatiable appetite.

Overharvesting for the luxury food market is pushing the iconic Chinese giant salamander to the brink. The future of the world’s largest amphibian is in serious jeopardy unless coordinated conservation measures are put in place. CATHERINE HARTE reports

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