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20th of July 2017 01:50 PM Link
Hippo and crocodile sightings with the team in Ruvuma!
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19th of July 2017 01:23 PM Link
LIVING IN HARMONY WITH NATURE EDUCATION SYLLABUS - Tumaini in action in Simanjiro District
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19th of July 2017 01:18 PM Link
Ruvuma team very happy with the supplies that just arrived on site
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18th of July 2017 12:01 PM Link
Max, Gaston, and Oscar! Just a few members of the Ruvuma Elephant Project team...always working hard and having fun!
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17th of July 2017 10:36 PM Link
Beautiful photo of fringe eared oryx taken by Ameir
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17th of July 2017 07:03 PM Link
Steven fixing a puncture
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15th of July 2017 07:17 AM Link
11th of July 2017 08:42 AM Link
STAFF HIGHLIGHT: Max has been working for PAMS Foundation as the Field Coordinator of the Ruvuma Elephant Project. He works both in our Southern and Northern Tanzania projects and has been with us for six years! We are proud of you, Max.

Thank you so much for all of your awesome work!
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10th of July 2017 06:44 PM Link
ARUSHA OFFICE - Rooney decided to share some of his ideas during our planning meeting
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9th of July 2017 08:53 AM Link
STAFF HIGHLIGHT: Shaziri is the oldest Ruvuma Elephant Project team member, and primarily works on Human Wildlife Conflict mitigation. We are so grateful for all of the years and work Shaziri has put in to PAMS Foundation! We want to share his smile and our gratitude to all of our facebook friends.

Thank you, Shaziri!
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