Ranger Training

PAMS Foundation offers a wide range of specialised anti-poaching training to Rangers and other Wildlife Law enforcement officers. The capacity building is based on current best practice and includes:

  • Basic unarmed tactical ranger training
  • Basic armed tactical ranger training
  • Advanced unarmed tactical ranger training
  • Advanced armed tactical ranger training
  • Investigation and Case Preparation training
  • Refresher training
  • On the job training and mentorship
  • Ranger Trainer training.

Ranger Training - Image 1

PAMS Foundation is a strong proponent of maximum readiness, respect for human rights, intelligence-led strategies and minimum force in law enforcement. Our approaches to wildlife protection are designed to achieve maximum:

  • results in terms of arrests
  • conviction rates and sentences
  • safety of law enforcers and suspects
  • participation of all stakeholders, from community to, and including, judiciary officials
  • reduction in poaching.

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PAMS Foundation helps TANAPA
Anti-Poaching Training, Ruaha National Park

PAMS Foundation Tactical Anti Poaching Ranger Training
(Burunge WMA)


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